What A Nuisance

Got a call today from someone claiming to be from Consumer Opinion.

They wanted my ‘opinion’ on some household FACTS.

I didn’t give them the information that they wanted.

I asked them for their website.

This is what I found:



It doesn’t exist! (obvs)

The man persisted and persisted. He even called me back when I had hung up.

He lied and told me the website was there, when it clearly wasn’t.

Upon finding out that I was a student (an angry one), he said he needed to speak to an ‘elder’ because I was ‘JUST a student’ (how very dare he).

I declined and hung up again, for the last time.

He just wouldn’t shut up!

I’m sure he knew it was all a load of *$!?#. I wonder how many people he gets hanging up on him a day.

And why does he do it?

Well, he probably has a family to provide for and doesn’t have a choice.

It would be quite sad if he got his money on commission- earning a living by tricking vulnerable phone call recipients into giving away their personal details to a detrimental effect.

That doesn’t mean we should let them get away with it.

Hang up if you receive a call from ‘Consumer Opinion’. I think most people do anyway. What’s the point eh?

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