A Monday in early August. Practically the whole of Paris has gone to the coast to escape the humid heat. More fool them because now we can get prime seats in the most popular terrace bars!


I’m the sort of person that needs to go home and relax occasionally but not very much. I prefer to be out and about. So on a Monday after work, I suggested to my flatmates that we go and do something I had always wanted to try in Paris, which was to have a posh drink on the terrace of the Mini Palais. This is a restaurant attached to the Grand Palais, an imposing art gallery just off the Champs Elysees.


We sat on the lovely wicker chairs amongst the Greek-style columns in the warmth of the evening and had a nice, quiet and sophisticated cocktail. It was just one this time, mainly because of the price tag. I had a Wineberry because I couldn’t decide between wine and cocktail and this combination of the two was the perfect solution. What more could you ask for?


If you want to go to eat at a high-end restaurant, of course, come here for food. Otherwise, come for a drink and appreciate the luxury of it all. Afterwards, we looked out onto the Seine at the Eiffel Tower and thought, it’s flipping great living amongst all this. It really is.


I have been living in Paris, one of the best cities in the world, since October last year. I love it and always get asked what my recommendations for things to do and cool bars are.


So, although I am already 8 months into my crazy life here, I’ve decided to share what I get up to a bit more on this blog. Looking back, I have barely done any posts on my adventures here, and with summer about to burst into the life of Paris, there is a lot going on!


Hopefully, my posts will be helpful for visitors or people living in Paris who want to be inspired, get out there and see what the capital has to offer!


Rule #1 for living here is GET OUT OF THE FLAT!



Let’s start with some rooftop bar vibes:


One of the best rooftops in Paris for drinking, dancing and chilling is the Cité de la Mode et du Design. It’s really big, feels very Shoreditch and has several bars and eating outlets.


What I drank there: Rosé wine and bottles of cider.

What I paid: 5 EUR to get up to the rooftop but it’s free before 8pm. Drinks around 6 to 9 euros each.



On my most recent visit, I saw the band Patawawa play (for the second time in two days) and they are the most fun, dancy live group I have seen in a long time. I am looking forward to seeing them again at JoeFest, a Lincolnshire-based festival run by my family, in August, not least because they are really nice people!



This is a good spot for early evening evening drinks with a view, or a good old boogie through the night. Try it on any vaguely sunny day!