To Bounce or Not To Bounce: The Trampoline Conundrum


Here is the current state of our trampoline. Look at it. Yeah it’s a bit gross. But should we ‘make do and mend’ or get rid?


It would be relatively cheap to restore, a new pad around the side and a net are £20 each.

It brings fond memories of when we were first given it for Christmas and nobody even realised that it was disguised under a tarpaulin in the garden. Joe couldn’t get off the thing and Tadcu really praised him for his bouncing ability.

We have new neighbours around John’s age so it would be good for them all to play on.

It’s a proper good bouncer.

I like to lie on it in the summer, looking at the trees and the aeroplanes from an octagonal perspective.


The new neighbours have one anyway.

It ruins the grass and is a pain when mowing the lawn.

It takes up valuable football playing space and John would prefer a nice goal.

It does look a bit gross and it probably getting dangerous.

One third of the family isn’t at home to go on it.


Mum seems keen to restore it and keep it so that’s probably what will happen. I don’t really have strong thoughts on the matter because I don’t plan to be at home that much (no offence fam). So that’s the latest, exciting news from the Davies household, while I’m still here. From next week onwards the Durham life restarts, back to my other world.

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