I do not like the smell of chicken stock.

I do not like the smell of chicken stock.

This is for the simple reason that i accidentally drank it once, mistaking it for orange juice.

I had previously seen some freshly squeezed orange juice in the tall blue jug, so when i wanted a beverage, i took this jug from the fridge. Granted, it looked a bit pale, but i just assumed that John had used pale oranges to make it. I gave the liquid a stir, that’s what you need to do with the freshly squeezed stuff, and poured myself a small glass. After taking a gulp, my tastebuds received a terrible shock. This was not orange juice, it was chicken stock.

‘Is stock good for you?’ i asked Mum, hoping that something good would come out of this disaster. I don’t remember her reply, i just remember that horrible taste, the rush to shove biscuits into my mouth and down pints of water to get rid of the taste.

So now, i do not like the smell of Chicken stock, as it just reminds me of that disgusting taste. It took me hours to recover, and i do not like being reminded of it. Therefore, when mum decides to make a batch of stock, it is not at all pleasant for me. In fact, when i am lying in the bath, and the aroma wafts in and out of my nostrils, i am not a happy bunny!

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